CDE sand washing solutions to support major land remediation effort in Kuwait






Wet processing experts CDE, in partnership with Gulf Center United Industrial Equipment Co. and KAK-LAMOR JV/C have announced plans to supply two contaminated soils wash plants to support the clean-up effort of an estimated 114km2 of polluted land in Kuwait as part of one of the largest environmental projects of its kind.

The plans were announced to coincide with World Soils Day (December 5), an international day to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources.

Following the destruction of some 700 oil wells in the early 1990s, approximately 26,000,000m3 of soil was contaminated with crude oil, signalling the launch of one of the most extensive remediation programmes involving the cooperation and expertise of a consortium of international partners.

Working alongside industrial and engineering services firm Gulf Center United Industrial Equipment Co., CDE’s longstanding partner in Kuwait, and KAK-LAMOR JV/C, a joint venture between Kuwaiti EPC contractors Khaled Ali Al-Kharafi & Brothers Co. and Finnish remediation specialists Lamor, CDE wet processing technology will be utilised for the treatment of up to…

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