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The Public Authority for Manpower made it possible to register labor-related complaints for domestic workers, business owners and office owners through an automated system. This came after the local news daily reported that the Director of the Labor Inspection Department, Fahd Al-Murad, has been assigned as Deputy Director General of the Employment Protection Sector.

Moreover, the Authority also enabled the submission of a transfer request for domestic workers, after opening the section for the transfer from one employer to another, including breach of the work contract or non-compliance with paying salaries and any form of harassment. Specialist in domestic labor affairs, Bassam Al-Shammari, praised the Authority’s initiative to make electronic complaints available, which aim to reduce congestion in the Department of Labor Recruitment Regulation and to facilitate citizens, while thanking the Acting Deputy Director-General for Labor Protection Fahd Al-Murad for the decisions.

Al-Shammari said he was hoping that all services related to offices, employers and workers would be included, such as the issuance of work permits and summons, as…

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