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By B Izzak

KUWAIT: MP Abdulkarim Al-Kandari submitted a draft legislation which stipulates a jail term of between two and seven years for those who print, publish or publicize questions of school exams or their answers with the intention of helping students to cheat. The draft legislation was filed after authorities uncovered a large network of teachers who distributed questions of higher secondary exams to thousands of students for money. The public prosecution is currently interrogating over 20 people believed to be involved in the network.

The public prosecution has also given the education ministry a list of names of students who have been involved in cheating groups from 2020 in order to take the necessary measures of either failing them or making them retake their exams, which is within the ministry’s authority. The students were investigated and their phone numbers were found in the phones of accused leakers. Students obtained copies of leaked tests after paying the suspects.

MP Saleh Ashour asked the government to not be lenient and send all those suspected of participating in the cheating scandal to the public prosecution. “In the event of conviction, the…

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