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KUWAIT: The Philippines Embassy announced Kuwaiti Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs Sameeh Hayat met Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Jose Almodovar Cabrera on Thursday. The two sides discussed a Feb 8 decision to suspend the deployment of first-time domestic helpers to Kuwait. Hayat expressed his disappointment at the decision of the Philippines’ Department of Migrant Workers and conveyed the Kuwaiti government’s desire to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

“The Department of Migrant Workers indicated that the postponement only applies to domestic workers who have not worked before in Kuwait and are deployed to Kuwait for the first time. The administration is studying reforms and measures to enhance procedures that help ensure the safety of domestic workers, especially those working in Kuwait for the first time,” Cabrera said.

The partial ban came after the charred remains of Filipino domestic worker Jullebee Ranara, 35, were discovered in the Salmi desert last month. It was reported she was pregnant and had been subjected to blunt-force trauma. The 17-year-old son of her employer has been arrested by police on murder charges.


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