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By B Izzak

KUWAIT: MP Khalil Al-Saleh on Thursday sent questions to three ministers inquiring about the number of people admitted to hospitals during the National and Liberation Day celebrations, which were criticized this year as being chaotic. Another lawmaker called on the government to organize the celebrations in a civilized manner based on a well-prepared program.

In his questions to Health Minister Ahmad Al-Awadhi, MP Saleh asked about the number of people admitted to emergency departments at hospitals and the types of injuries they suffered from. He also asked about reports claiming some people suffered eye injuries.

Saleh asked the interior minister about the number of traffic tickets the ministry issued during the celebrations and the number of fights, and whether some people were hit by vehicles. The lawmaker also asked the minister of electricity and water about the quantity of water consumed during the celebrations, amid claims that large quantities of water were wasted by people participating in the celebrations.

MP Shuaib Shaaban called on authorities to organize celebrations marking the National and Liberation Days in a dignified way that suits the two…

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