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By Ghadeer Ghloum

Dr. Safaa Al-Zaqqah

KUWAIT: As soon as their children reach the teenage years, parents start worrying about the consequences of hormonal changes that affect their mood and character, which impact the nature of the relationship between them. However, with good communication and trust, parents can befriend their teenage kids and build a healthy bond with them. Due to the vulnerability of this phase in our lives, Kuwait Times interviewed Dr Safaa Al-Zaqqah, Educational and Family Consultant, and mothers of teenagers to share their perspectives and experiences on raising teenagers.

In order for parents to have a healthy bond with teenagers, Dr Zaqqah highlighted the importance of befriending teens, validating their emotions, reciprocating affection and attention, listening to them and giving them a chance to express themselves freely in order to earn their trust. She also necessitated spending quality time between parents and their teenage children and help them get accustomed to being with their parents.

Lulwa Al-Terkait

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