2 mg of GHB of internationally banned substance is sufficient to kill the user instantly – TimesKuwait






The Ministry of Interior and medical authorities have sounded the alarm about the use of the drug “GHB” without a prescription, saying it is a substance banned internationally and locally because it falls under the psychotropic substances category, and is believed to one of the most dangerous and toxic substances, and in some cases may even cause instantaneous death of the user.

Speaking of the drug and its risks and side effects, the Public Relations and Security Media Department of the General Department for Drug Control, has warned against its use as it is produced as a medical drug, and it is used legally in hospitals for the purpose of anesthesia in surgeries, but it has been recently noted that it has been used internationally for illegal acts, such as drugging victims, which may erase part of their memory after waking up from the effect of the drug, reports Al-Rai daily.

The administration said, “this drug comes in a liquid form that has no color or odor, and may be mixed with any other liquid, and works to slow down or prevent messages between the brain and the body, and is considered a substance banned internationally and…

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