The General Secretariat of the National Assembly, in response to what was published by some news accounts: The parliament’s sessions in the month of 7, specified by a decision of the parliament’s bureau, do not include sessions for this week.






The General Secretariat of the National Assembly denied what was published by some news accounts about the postponement of the National Assembly session for this week.

The General Secretariat said in a statement issued by it that the Council’s office had previously taken a decision in its last meeting to set the dates for the sessions scheduled for the month of July, and not including any session dated today or tomorrow.

The statement stated that the Council’s office approved during the aforementioned meeting the proposal submitted by the General Secretariat regarding the dates of holding the Council’s sessions, provided that the sessions in July 2023 are weekly with 7 sessions, and the sessions will be held successively according to the following dates:

Tuesday July 11, 2023Wednesday July 12, 2023Thursday July 13, 2023 (private session)Tuesday July 18, 2023 (private session…

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