Mubarak Al-Tasha: A group of deputies submitted a proposal to cancel the replacement benefits to improve the lives of retirees – Kuwait News






The deputy, Dr. Mubarak Al-Tasha said that he and a group of deputies re-submitted a proposal for a law regarding the abolition of usurious interest on the replacement system in the General Organization for Social Insurance.

Al-Tasha said in a statement to the media center of the National Assembly that he had previously submitted this proposal with a group of deputies in the annulled parliament, stressing that the deputies will not override this matter and will work to approve it in the current parliament.

He stressed that the aim of this is to improve the standard of living for retirees, indicating that the basic system of the Social Insurance Corporation does not allow the charging of outrageous usurious interest on those who want to replace part of their salary.

He explained that this matter is also contrary to Islamic law and the constitution.

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