Dr.. Adel Al-Damkhi: Khaled Al-Jarrah’s apology for not appearing before the Eurofighter and Caracal investigation committee is unacceptable, and we will invite him again to attend – Kuwait News






The head of the investigation committee in the Caracal and Eurofighter deal, Dr. Adel Al-Damkhi said that the apology of the former Minister of Defense Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah for not attending the last meeting of the committee is unacceptable, pointing out that his apology will be answered legally and he will be invited again to the meeting of the investigation committee.

Al-Damkhi said in a press statement at the Media Center of the National Assembly that Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah’s apology arrived at around 1:00 p.m., that is, after the end of the meeting of the investigation committee, considering that “Al-Jarrah’s apology that the law does not allow him to disclose military information has no place for him to express completely.”

He added that the committee invited Jarrah in his political capacity as a former minister of the Ministry of Defense, and therefore he should have come to the meeting in this capacity…

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