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By Ahmad Ali

KUWAIT: In recent years, physiotherapy has progressively become more of a popular means of treatment not only to deal with injuries, pain or structural conditions, but also as a method of recovery. Kuwait Times spoke to physical therapist Seham Brito to shed light on the concepts, specificities and misconceptions of physical therapy.

Kuwait Times: For those who are unfamiliar, what is physiotherapy?

Seham Brito: Physiotherapy is a science-based healthcare profession, meaning that it applies a holistic approach to promote and maintain physical health by preventing injuries and recovering from them. There are three main areas of physiotherapy — musculoskeletal, which encompasses structural issues, muscular, joints, bones, etc; neurological, concentrating on the functioning of the nervous system; and cardiorespiratory, focusing on the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

KT: Who would require physiotherapy and who would you recommend it to?

Brito: Everyone and anyone might need to be treated by a physiotherapist at some point in their lives. Many people have this idea that physical therapy only applies when someone has an injury,…

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