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By B Izzak

KUWAIT: MP Mubarak Al-Tasha on Monday asked Minister of Oil Saad Al-Barrak about reports saying that a large oil slick has formed off southern Kuwait’s coast and its possible impact on fishery in the country. The lawmaker said reports have indicated that the spill developed into a large oil slick over an area of 30 sq km (12 km long and 3.9 km wide), east of Fintas coast in the south. Tasha said that slick could cause a huge pollution catastrophe and endanger the fish resources. He asked the minister about the truth in these reports and if Environment Public Authority stations have monitored the reported spill.

In case the report of the spill is correct, the lawmaker asked about its size and its possible impact on sea life. He added the environment authority said in a statement on Aug 18 that it has received information from the Regional Organization for the Protection of Marine Environment (ROPME) and the Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Center (MEMAC) about monitoring a slick suspected to be an oil spill in Kuwaiti territorial waters based on satellite images. EPA added the area was surveyed in cooperation with the coastguard and no pollution or slick was…

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