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KUWAIT: The government’s program for the legislative term 2023-2027, titled “Correcting the Path: A productive Economy and Sustainable Prosperity, prioritizes development and reform to face different challenges. The government’s plan, presented to the National Assembly, includes a number of projects aiming to achieve economic diversity, improve its performance, and tackle challenges facing Kuwait’s economy. It consists of five articles, including general budget stability, economic agenda, creating job opportunities and developing skills, sustainable stability, strong human capital, and a productive government.

Speaking to KUNA on Friday, member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee in the National Assembly, MP Abdullah Al-Anboie, called for focusing on tackling the real issues facing Kuwaitis. He applauded the step to establish the development fund, aiming to nationalize investment in Kuwait’s economy and enhance development, which will in turn create job opportunities for Kuwaitis and increase non-oil profits. The MP also affirmed the need for Kuwaitization of the private sector, noting that about 90 percent of Kuwaitis work in government jobs,…

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