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By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on one’s overall health and wellbeing. A common sleep-disturbing disorder is sleep apnea, a condition that disrupts regular breathing patterns during sleep, leading to fragmented and insufficient rest due to a deprivation of oxygen in the brain and body. Consequently, it causes multiple awakenings throughout the night. Kuwait Times interviewed Pulmonologist Dr Yousef Al-Ramzi to understand the implications of this disorder and the best suggested solutions for breathing troubles during sleep.

Dr Yousef Al-Ramzi

Dr Ramzi explained to Kuwait Times that sleep apnea is characterized by repeated pauses in breathing and intermittent gasping or loud snoring during sleep. “One of the main signs is snoring, particularly loud snoring or pauses in breathing that may be noticed by others around the person who suffers from this condition,” he said. Such disruptions are often caused by the relaxation of throat muscles, resulting in the narrowing or complete closure of the airway.

According to Dr Ramzi, one of the most concerning aspects of sleep apnea is its impact on overall health. The insufficient oxygen…

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